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BBC World News

Shia protesters storm Iraq parliament
Hundreds of Iraqi Shia Muslims breach Baghdad's fortified Green Zone for the first time, seizing control of parliament in protest at political deadlock.
Iran moderates win back parliament
Run-off elections give moderates and reformists a working majority in the Iranian parliament for the first time in more than a decade.
Kenya sets fire to huge ivory stockpile
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta sets fire to a huge stockpile of ivory in an effort to show his country's commitment to saving Africa's elephants, but the move has its critics.
Hundreds detained as German party meets
German police detain about 400 left-wing demonstrators who were trying to prevent people entering a right-wing party conference in Stuttgart.
Mosque collapse kills 15 in Somalia
A mosque under refurbishment collapses during Friday prayers in the Somali capital Mogadishu, killing at least 15 people and injuring 40.
Scores missing after migrant boat sinks
At least 70 migrants are missing after an inflatable dinghy sinks just off the Libyan coast, according to 26 survivors rescued by an Italian ship.
Nairobi collapse area to be evacuated
People in the Kenyan capital Nairobi are asked to leave their homes near a six-storey building that collapsed in heavy rain, killing at least 12 people.
Bangladesh Hindu hacked to death
A Hindu tailor once arrested for derogatory comments about Islam has been hacked to death in a district in central Bangladesh, police say.
RAF strikes on IS 'kill 996 since 2014'
Nearly 1,000 members of the Islamic State group have been killed in RAF air strikes in Iraq and Syria in the last 18 months, MoD figures indicate.
Livingstone stands by Hitler comments
Ex-London mayor Ken Livingstone stands by his comments made amid a row about anti-Semitism in the Labour party, saying "I never regret saying something that's true".
Russia challenges US after jet face-off
Russia accuses a US Air Force jet of switching off its transponder signal over the Baltic on Friday, leading its own jets to intercept it.
Woman jailed over foetus-cutting attack
A Colorado woman is sentenced to 100 years in prison for cutting a nearly eight-month-old foetus from a stranger's womb in a brutal attack.
VIDEO: Cregg makes surprise White House briefing
The actress Allison Janney, who played C.J. Cregg in the Emmy-award winning West Wing, made a surprise White House press briefing.
VIDEO: The Queen vs The President: 'Boom'
The Queen and Prince Harry have responded to Barack and Michelle Obama's Invictus Games challenge.
VIDEO: BBC on rare visit to North Korea
The BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes begins a week in North Korea with three Nobel laureates and a European prince.
VIDEO: Plucky pony makes break for freedom
A pony that was part of a biblical-themed spring festival in Russia escaped, pursued by a costumed actor.
VIDEO: Trump jumps barrier to avoid protesters
Donald Trump jumped a highway barrier to get to a rally near San Francisco after protesters blocked the entrance.
VIDEO: Lions airlifted to South Africa
Dozens of lions, rescued from circuses, are being airlifted from Colombia and Peru to South Africa.
VIDEO: Thirteen presumed dead in Norway crash
Thirteen people are presumed dead after a crash near Bergen in Norway, in which eyewitnesses say the rotor blades separated from the helicopter.
VIDEO: 'Relentless bombardment' of Aleppo
A medical facility in the Syrian city of Aleppo has reportedly been hit in an air strike - the second this week.

Yahoo World News

Aleppo bombed as Syrian army begins 'calm' plan elsewhere

Children look out from a balcony at a site hit by airstrikes, in the rebel-held area of Aleppo's Bustan al-QasrBy John Davison BEIRUT (Reuters) - Nearly 30 air strikes hit rebel-held areas of Aleppo on Saturday as a temporary "calm" declared by Syria’s military took effect around Damascus and in the northwest. It was the ninth day of deadly bombardments in Aleppo, which has borne the brunt of increased fighting that has all but destroyed a February ceasefire and killed nearly 250 people in the northern city since April 22, a monitoring group said. The Syrian army announced a "regime of calm", or lull in fighting, late on Friday, which Damascus said was designed to salvage the wider ceasefire.

Sadr followers dig in inside Baghdad's Green Zone, political crisis deepens

Followers of Iraq's Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr are seen in the parliament building as they storm Baghdad's Green Zone after lawmakers failed to convene for a vote on overhauling the government, in IraqBy Stephen Kalin and Ahmed Rasheed BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Hundreds of supporters of Shi'ite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr stormed into Baghdad's Green Zone on Saturday and set up tents beside parliament after Sadr denounced politicians' failure to reform a political quota system blamed for rampant corruption. The protesters, who had gathered outside the heavily fortified district housing government buildings and many foreign embassies, crossed a bridge over the Tigris River chanting: "The cowards ran away!" in apparent reference to departing lawmakers. The initial breach was mostly peaceful, but around sunset security forces fired teargas and bullets into the air in an effort to stop more protesters from entering.

Russia defends intercept of U.S. reconnaissance plane over Baltic

U.S. Air Force RC-135S Cobra Ball is pictured at Kadena U.S. Air Force Base on Japan's southwestern island of OkinawaRussia said on Saturday it had sent a fighter plane on Friday to intercept a U.S. aircraft approaching its border over the Baltic Sea because the American plane had turned off its transponder, which is needed for identification. The Pentagon said the U.S. Air Force RC-135 plane had been flying a routine route in international airspace and that the Russian SU-27 fighter had intercepted it in an "unsafe and unprofessional" way. CNN reported that the Russian jet had come within about 100 feet (30 meters) of the U.S. plane and had performed a barrel roll.

Iran's moderates make modest gains in run-off election

File photo of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaking during news conference in IslamabadBy Sam Wilkin DUBAI (Reuters) - Politicians allied to President Hassan Rouhani came out strongest in a second round of parliamentary elections in Iran, early results showed on Saturday, but his moderate faction appeared unlikely to clinch an overall majority. If confirmed, the results suggest Iran's next parliament will be more supportive of Rouhani's drive for economic reforms, but conservatives will remain a powerful force and could limit the prospects for social change. Rouhani's allies made significant gains in that vote, held in February, ending conservative dominance of the 290-seat assembly.

UK's 'Remain' camp gains ground in EU poll: Opinium

A car sticker with a logo encouraging people to leave the EU is seen on a car, in Llandudno, Wales.LONDON (Reuters) - The number of British people who want to stay in the European Union has risen over the past four weeks, an online poll by market research company Opinium Research for the Observer newspaper showed on Saturday. Some 42 percent of those surveyed wanted to remain in the EU, up 3 percentage points from the last comparable poll on April 2, while 41 percent wanted to leave, down from 43 percent previously, the newspaper said. (Reporting by David Milliken; editing by Andrew Roche)

Bomb attack on Shi'ite pilgrims in Baghdad kills at least 19: sources

People gather around a crater after a suicide bomb attack in a southeastern suburb of BaghdadA suicide bomber driving a car killed at least 19 people and wounded 48 others on Saturday in an attack claimed by Islamic State on a group of Shi'ite Muslim pilgrims in a southeastern suburb of Baghdad, Iraqi police sources said. A second explosion near a Shi'ite militia checkpoint in the capital's Dora district killed two and wounded three others, police sources said. Amaq news agency, which supports Islamic State, said a fighter in the Nahrawan district had driven a truck loaded with three tonnes of explosives into the gathering of Shi'ite pilgrims.

Arsenal edges past Norwich in 1-0 win on day of fan protest

Arsenal fans in the stands display "Time for Change" signs during the English Premier League soccer match between Arsenal and Norwich City, at the Emirates Stadium, in London, Saturday April 30, 2016. (John Walton/PA via AP) UNITED KINGDOM OUTLONDON (AP) — Substitute Danny Welbeck's second-half goal helped Arsenal to a 1-0 victory Saturday over relegation-threatened Norwich in the Premier League on a day of protest and division among the home fans.

Yemen foes hold 'productive' direct talks on key issues: UN

Yemen's UN envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed holds a press conference at the ministery of information in Kuwait City on April 30, 2016Yemen's warring parties held "productive" face-to-face peace talks on Saturday on "key issues" in a bid to end the conflict in the impoverished Arab country, the UN envoy said. "The talks today were positive and productive... It is an encouraging beginning," Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed told a news conference after the first direct talks since the delayed negotiations began on April 21. "Today, we heard the parties pledge total commitment to (UN Security Council) Resolution 2216 and related decisions, the Gulf initiative and results of Yemeni national dialogue as the basis for a peaceful solution," he said.

Sheffield Wednesday win Cardiff showdown to seal play-off spot

A Sheffield Wednesday fan holds up a scarf on January 4, 2015Sheffield Wednesday booked their place in the Championship play-offs with a 3-0 victory in their top six shoot-out against Cardiff on Saturday. Sixth placed Wednesday knew avoiding defeat against seventh placed Cardiff would be enough to guarantee their spot in the end-of-season play-offs as they held a four-point lead over the Bluebirds with two games left. After a goalless first half at Hillsborough, Wednesday striker Gary Hooper opened the scoring and Lee Peltier's own goal with 15 minutes left was followed by another Hooper strike as the hosts cruised into the play-offs.

Fighting rages in Aleppo amid calm in other parts of Syria

A Syrian woman weeps as she holds an Arabic placard that reads "Aleppo has become the Aleppo of martyrs," during a protest in downtown Beirut, Lebanon, Saturday, April 30, 2016, against Syrian President Bashar Assad's military operations against areas held by insurgents around the country, mostly in the northern city of Aleppo that has been the main point of violence. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)BEIRUT (AP) — The Syrian government launched new airstrikes Saturday on insurgent-held neighborhoods in Aleppo while rebels shelled government-held parts of the northern city, as a truce in other parts of the country appeared to be holding on its first day.

Residents flee as air strikes shake Syria's Aleppo

A Syrian family runs for cover amid the rubble of destroyed buildings following a reported air strike on the rebel-held neighbourhood of Al-Qatarji in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, on April 29, 2016Terrified residents fled a new wave of air strikes on rebel-held areas of Syria's divided city of Aleppo Saturday, as key regime backer Russia rejected calls to rein in its ally. Aleppo was left out of a new temporary US-Russian brokered truce that appeared to be holding in the regime stronghold of Latakia as well as Damascus and the nearby rebel bastion of Eastern Ghouta. US Secretary of State John Kerry was to travel Sunday to Geneva in a show of support for the truce and will meet the UN envoy to Syria and the Jordanian and Saudi foreign ministers.

Austria, Germany press EU to prolong border controls

A barbed wire fence is erected at a border crossing between Austria and Slovenia at Spielfeld, Austria in December 2015Austria and Germany said on Saturday they were in talks with the European Union's executive body to extend temporary border controls brought in last year to help stem the migrant flow. "I can confirm that we are having discussions with the EU Commission and our European partners about this," Austrian interior ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundboeck told AFP. Member states must "be able to continue carrying out controls on their borders," German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said in a written statement to AFP.

Saudi hands over Houthi prisoners as Yemen peace efforts inch ahead: spokesman
Yemen's Houthi movement said on Saturday its foe Saudi Arabia had handed over 40 prisoners as part of an agreement to quell border fighting as U.N.-backed peace negotiations to end Yemen's civil war crept forward. The Iran-allied Houthis and Yemen's Saudi-backed exiled government are trying to broker a peace and ease a humanitarian crisis in the Arab world's poorest country where conflict has drawn in regional powers and killed at least 6,000 people. "We received 40 prisoners, 20 of those were captured inside Yemen," Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam said in a statement.
IS claims killing of Hindu tailor in Bangladesh: SITE

Bangladeshi protesters in Dhaka demonstrate on April 29, 2016 against the killing of a university professor days earlier in the capitalThe Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the murder of a Hindu tailor in central Bangladesh on Saturday, a US-based monitoring group said. Nikhil Chandra Joarder, who was hacked to death by at least two attackers outside his shop, may have been killed for making derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammed several years ago, police said. "Elements from the Islamic State assassinated a Hindu in the city of Tangail in Bangladesh by stabbing him to death," the IS-affiliated Amaq news agency said, citing a source, according to SITE Intelligence Group.

Iraqi protesters pour into Green Zone, storm parliament

Followers of Iraq's Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr storm in IraqBAGHDAD (AP) — Anti-government protesters tore down walls and poured into the Iraqi capital's heavily fortified Green Zone on Saturday, where they stormed parliament in a major escalation of a political crisis that has simmered for months.

Udinese still in danger after 5-1 thrashing by Torino
MILAN (AP) — Udinese remains uncomfortably close to the relegation zone after being thrashed 5-1 at home to Torino in Serie A on Saturday.
Kenya burns vast piles of elephant tusks as it seeks ban on trade

A section of an estimated 105 tonnes of elephant tusks confiscated ivory from smugglers and poachers burns in flames at the Nairobi National Park near Nairobi, KenyaBy Ben Makori NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's president set fire to thousands of elephant tusks and rhino horns on Saturday, destroying a stockpile that would have been worth a fortune to smugglers and sending a message that trade in the animal parts must be stopped. President Uhuru Kenyatta dismissed those who argued Kenya, which staged its first such burning in 1989, should instead have sold the ivory and the tonne of rhino horn, which by some estimates would have an illegal market value of $150 million. "Kenya is making a statement that for us ivory is worthless unless it is on our elephants," he told dignitaries before setting light to the first of almost a dozen pyres.

South Africa: Opposition leader warns president to step down
JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Fiery South African opposition politician Julius Malema told 40,000 cheering supporters that President Jacob Zuma should step down before the army turns on him because of the corruption allegations against him.
Fire ravages Muslim prayer hall in Corsica

A French police officer stands outside a Muslim prayer hall in Corsica's capital Ajaccio on April 30, 2016 after it was destroyed by a fireA Muslim prayer hall in the French island of Corsica was ravaged by fire on Saturday in what prosecutors said was probably a criminal attack. French President Francois Hollande vowed a swift investigation into the blaze, and action if necessary. The building, one of the largest prayer halls in the capital Ajaccio, suffered major damage in the fire, said Abdallah Zekri, the head of the National Observatory Against Islamophobia.

Protesters storm parliament in Iraq's Green Zone

Iraqi protesters climb over a concrete wall surrounding the parliament after breaking into Baghdad's heavily fortified "Green Zone" on April 30, 2016Thousands of angry protesters broke into Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone on Saturday and stormed the Iraqi parliament building after lawmakers again failed to approve new ministers. Jubilant crowds, most of them supporters of Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, invaded the main session hall, shouting slogans glorifying their leader and claiming that they had rooted out corruption. The capital was already on high alert for a major Shiite pilgrimage, participants in which were targeted in a bombing that killed 23 on Saturday, but extra security measures were taken after protesters stormed the Green Zone.

BBC Sports News

Arsenal 1-0 Norwich City
Danny Welbeck's strike earns Arsenal victory against Norwich amid fan protests against Arsene Wenger's tenure.
Hamilton 10th after qualifying problems
Lewis Hamilton suffers reliability problems during Russian Grand Prix qualifying as team-mate Nico Rosberg takes pole position.
Leicester 31-17 Worcester
Leicester secure their place in the Premiership semi-finals for the 12th successive year with a bonus-point win over Worcester.
Ding beats McManus to reach final
Ding Junhui becomes the first Asian player to reach the World Championship final with a 17-11 victory over Alan McManus.
Newcastle United 1-0 Crystal Palace
Newcastle move out of the relegation zone as Andros Townsend's strike helps them to victory over Crystal Palace.
Wild wins women's Tour de Yorkshire
Dutch rider Kirsten Wild catches Lizzie Armitstead's breakaway group to win the Tour de Yorkshire.
Heart of Midlothian 1-3 Celtic
Defending champions Celtic all but seal a fifth straight Scottish top-flight title by beating Hearts at Tynecastle.
Cardiff Blues 27-40 Ospreys
Rhys Webb scores two of Ospreys' six tries as they boost European Cup qualification hopes while ending those of Cardiff Blues.
West Bromwich Albion 0-3 West Ham United
Mark Noble scores twice as West Ham ease past West Brom to reclaim fifth place in the Premier League table.
Galileo Gold in shock 2000 Guineas win
Frankie Dettori rides Galileo Gold to victory in the 2000 Guineas at Newmarket, with favourite Air Force Blue a distant 12th.
Gilmour seals European final place
Scotland's Kirsty Gilmour reaches the final at the European Championships, while England's Rajiv Ouseph collects bronze.
Salford 44-26 Hull KR
Junior Sa'u scores a hat-trick as Salford Red Devils bounce back from a six-point deduction by beating Hull KR.
Van Poppel wins Tour de Yorkshire stage
Dutch rider Danny van Poppel from Team Sky claims victory in the second stage of the Tour de Yorkshire.
Watson & Broady lose Madrid qualifiers
Britain's number two Heather Watson and number three Naomi Broady fail to qualify for the Madrid Open.
Ulster 30-6 Leinster
Paddy Jackson scores 18 points as Ulster strengthen their grip on a Pro12 play-off place with a 30-6 victory against Leinster.
Salford City promoted to National League
Salford City - the side co-owned by former Manchester United stars - are promoted to the sixth tier of English football for the first time.
Massaro beaten in World squash final
England's Laura Massaro misses out on a second world squash title as she loses to Egypt's Nour El Sherbini in the final.
VIDEO: What happened at Hillsborough?
How a crush at a FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest developed, leading to the deaths of 96 football fans.
Lawro's predictions v comedian Caton
BBC football expert Mark Lawrenson takes on comedian and Brentford fan Nathan Caton in this week's Premier League predictions.
Tour de Yorkshire marks Simpson death
BBC Sport relives the story of Tommy Simpson as the Tour de Yorkshire pays tribute to him 49 years after his death

BBC Americas News

Protesters delay Trump speech
Hundreds of protesters broke through barricades and threw eggs at police outside a California hotel, delaying a speech by Republican Party front-runner Donald Trump.
Woman jailed over foetus-cutting attack
A Colorado woman is sentenced to 100 years in prison for cutting a nearly eight-month-old foetus from a stranger's womb in a brutal attack.
Poet Walt Whitman health tips unearthed
A trove of health journalism by US literary giant Walt Whitman is being published after lying in obscurity more than 150 years.
Over-age Canadian basketball player held
A South Sudanese immigrant and prominent high school basketball player in Canada has been arrested after the revelation that his age may be closer to 29 and not 17, officials say.
First US Zika death in Puerto Rico
The first known death in the US to the Zika virus is recorded in Puerto Rico where a 70-year-old has died, say health officials.
Russia challenges US after jet face-off
Russia accuses a US Air Force jet of switching off its transponder signal over the Baltic on Friday, leading its own jets to intercept it.
Children in Texas tied up in garden
Police in the US state in Texas rescue eight children from "horrific abuse" including a two-year-old who was chained to the ground in a yard.
Ryan Reynolds writes goodbye to fan
Actor Ryan Reynolds writes an emotional goodbye to a young Canadian fan who died of cancer earlier this week.
Indiana governor backs Ted Cruz
The Indiana governor backs Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, four days before a crucial primary contest there.
John Wayne Day scrapped over race row
Plans to declare 26 May as John Wayne Day in California are rejected in a State Assembly vote over racist comments the actor made in a Playboy interview.
VIDEO: Demonstrations near Trump rally
Hundreds of demonstrators have blocked traffic outside a venue in California where the Republican presidential hopeful, Donald Trump was holding a rally.
VIDEO: Jenner takes up Trump toilet offer
Caitlyn Jenner posts video of female toilet use after Donald Trump supported transgender right to choose which facility to use.
VIDEO: Ted Cruz 'is Lucifer in the flesh'
US presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has been called "Lucifer in the flesh" by the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner.
VIDEO: Trump 'would drop the atomic bomb'
Donald Trump would "have the guts" to drop an atomic bomb, according to one of his supporters.
VIDEO: Boy, two, accidentally shoots mother
A two-year-old boy has accidentally shot and killed his mother in the US city of Milwaukee, as Andy Moore reports.
VIDEO: Trump's 'shift towards the mainstream'
The former US ambassador to the United Nations says Donald Trump's foreign policy speech in Washington signalled a 'shift towards the mainstream'.
VIDEO: Bobbi Kristina Brown's drug use 'got bad'
Bobbi Kristina Brown's drug use "got really bad" before she died, her boyfriend Nick Gordon says.
VIDEO: Fire rips through Canada rail bridge
Fire engulfs a rail trestle bridge in Mayerthorpe in the Canadian province of Alberta.
Obama's 'hopeless' push for gun control
Barack Obama says the nation will have to address gun control "at some point", but Republicans counter that more government regulation can't stop attacks like the one in Charleston.
US economic growth slows to 0.5%
US economic growth slowed to an annual pace of 0.5% during the first three months of the year, official figures show.

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