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BBC World News

UN calls for more Nepal quake aid
One month after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal, the United Nations calls for more food aid and shelter for the victims.
Massive India heatwave 'kills 500'
At least 500 people are reported to have died in a heatwave sweeping India with temperatures reaching 48C (118F) in some areas.
IS threat to rare bird near Palmyra
Islamic State's capture of Palmyra in Syria threatens the last surviving colony of the northern bald ibis in the Middle East, experts says.
Deadly tornado strikes Mexican city
At least 10 people are reported killed and scores of houses destroyed as a tornado strikes Mexico's Ciudad Acuna.
US jets escort NYC-bound flight
A pair of US fighter jets escorts an Air France airliner bound for New York City after the flight was the subject of an anonymous threat.
'Deal to end' Nigeria fuel crisis
Nigeria's fuel wholesalers say they have reached a deal with the government that should soon see the end of the crippling fuel crisis.
Malaysia finds 139 'migrant graves'
A total of 139 grave sites of suspected migrants have been found in 28 trafficking camps close to Malaysia's border with Thailand, police say.
Iraq will take back Ramadi 'in days'
Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says that the city of Ramadi could be taken back from Islamic State militants "in days".
Tunisian soldier shoots seven dead
A Tunisian soldier is shot dead after he kills seven people at a military barracks in Tunis, according to the country's defence ministry.
Israel ex-PM given prison sentence
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is sentenced to eight months in prison for fraud and breach of trust.
Fatal floods hit southern US states
Three people have died and several others are missing after severe flooding in the southern US states of Texas and Oklahoma.
Bomb threat foiled near US Capitol
Police in Washington DC destroy a pressure cooker found inside a "suspicious" vehicle parked near the US Capitol.
VIDEO: Under fire from IS snipers in Iraq
The Iraqi army, supported by coalition airstrikes and Iran-backed militias, finds itself locked in fierce battles for many parts of the country.
VIDEO: Nepal boy: 'Mum was buried by rubble'
Two brothers, Ganesh and Santos Bharati, whose mother died in the first of two earthquakes to hit Nepal, describe their lives one month on.
VIDEO: Massive queues for fuel in Lagos
Frustration is growing in Nigeria where an ongoing fuel shortage is causing massive disruption and blackouts.
VIDEO: Iraqi PM: Ramadi recapture 'in days'
Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Mr Carter's comments were misinformed and that Iraqi forces were just days away from recapturing Ramadi.
VIDEO: Migrant's story of four months at sea
Kasuma Hatu, a Rohingya Muslim refugee from Myanmar describes her journey at sea from Myanmar to Langsa city in Indonesia.
VIDEO: Shock-proof homes of dirt and sand
Architect Nripal Adhikary is building low-cost, earthquake-resilient homes in Nepal using local materials, including dirt, sand and bamboo.
VIDEO: Anti-austerity votes shake Spain
The governing People's Party in Spain has suffered heavy losses in regional and local elections.
VIDEO: First look in Japan's Sendai nuclear plant
Four years after the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, Japan is about to return to using nuclear power.

Yahoo World News

Islamic State faces battle in Iraq, bombs in Syria

Members of the Iraqi army and Shi'ite fighters launch a mortar toward Islamic State militants outskirt the city of FallujaBAGHDAD/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Islamic State poured more fighters into Ramadi as security forces and Shi'ite paramilitaries prepared to retake the Iraqi city that fell to the Islamists a week ago in a major setback for the government. In Palmyra, the Syrian air force struck at buildings captured by the Sunni militant group, whose arrival has raised fears that the city's famed Roman ruins will be destroyed. The air force leveled Islamic State "hideouts" and killed a large number of its members around Palmyra's military air base, Syrian state media said.

China lodges complaint with U.S. over spy plane flight

Still image from United States Navy video shows a U.S. Navy crewman aboard a surveillance aircraft viewing a computer screen purportedly showing Chinese construction on the reclaimed land of Fiery Cross Reef in the disputed Spratly IslandsChina said it had lodged a complaint with the United States over a U.S. spy plane that flew over parts of the disputed South China Sea in a diplomatic row that has fuelled tension between the world's two largest economies. Friction in the region has grown over China's land reclamation in the Spratly islands. China last week said it was "strongly dissatisfied" after a U.S. spy plane flew over areas near the reefs, with both sides accusing each other of stoking instability.

Philippines seeks stronger commitment from U.S. in South China Sea dispute

Philippine Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin reviews the honor guards upon his arrival to lead the 117th Philippine Navy anniversary held inside the Naval station in Pascual Ledesma, Fort San Felipe, Cavite City, south of ManilaThe Philippines is seeking a "stronger commitment" from the United States to help its ally, the defense minister said on Monday, as China asserts its sovereignty over disputed areas of the South China Sea. China claims most of the South China Sea, through which $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year, and the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei have overlapping claims. China said on Monday it had lodged a complaint with the United States over a U.S. spy plane that flew over parts of the disputed South China Sea in a diplomatic row that has fueled tension between the world's two largest economies.

Malaysia finds 139 graves in 'cruel' jungle trafficking camps

Forensic policemen carry body bags with human remains found at the site of human trafficking camps in the jungle close the Thailand border after they brought them to a police camp near Wang Kelian in northern MalaysiaBy Praveen Menon WANG KELIAN, Malaysia (Reuters) - Malaysia has found 139 graves, and signs of torture, in more than two dozen squalid human trafficking camps suspected to have been used by gangs smuggling migrants across the border with Thailand, the country's police chief said on Monday. The dense jungles of southern Thailand and northern Malaysia have been a major stop-off point for smugglers bringing people to Southeast Asia by boat from Myanmar, most of them Rohingya Muslims who say they are fleeing persecution, and Bangladesh. "It's a very sad scene... To us even one is serious and we have found 139 (graves)," Malaysia's Inspector General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar, told reporters in the northern state of Perlis.

Air France flight escorted to New York after threat: report

Air France planes are parked on the tarmac at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Roissy, near Paris on the second week of a strike by Air France pilotsAn Air France flight from Paris was escorted by U.S. fighter jets to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday after an anonymous threat was made against the flight, according to ABC News. Flight 22 from Charles de Gaulle Airport landed safely in New York, an airport official said. The anonymous threatening call was made to a Maryland State Police barrack on Monday morning, police said.

Houthis suffer first serious setback in south Yemen fighting: residents

Houthi militant walks past a government building destroyed by a recent Saudi-led air strike in Yemen's northwestern city of SaadaBy Mohammed Mukhashaf and Mohammed Ghobari ADEN/CAIRO (Reuters) - Local Sunni Muslim militia ejected Shi'ite Houthi rebels from much of the southern Yemeni city of Dalea on Monday, residents and combatants said, inflicting the first significant setback on the Iranian-backed rebels in two months of civil war. Dalea had been a bastion of southern secessionists in Yemen before the Houthis took widespread control of the city in arch, after having seized the capital Sanaa in the north in September, toppling President Abd-Rabbu Mansour, and then thrust into the center and south of the Arabian Peninsula country. After two months of fighting in which much of Dalea has been destroyed, Sunni fighters on Monday turned the tide by seizing a key military base and the main security directorate in the city, militia sources and local residents said.

Biden reassures Iraqi prime minister after U.S. defense chief remarks
Vice President Joe Biden reassured Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi of the U.S.' commitment to Iraq's fight against Islamic State militants on Monday after the U.S. defense chief questioned Iraqi troops' will to fight. Biden used the call to "reaffirm U.S. support for the Iraqi government’s fight against ISIL," the White House said in a statement, referring to the group by an acronym.
Iran to scrap monthly petrol subsidy

A man fills a car at a petrol station in Tehran on May 25, 2015Iran will scrap a petrol allowance from midnight on Tuesday as part of a 2010 plan to phase out subsidies on energy products and boost the economy, media reported. Motorists will no longer to be entitled to buy 60 litres of petrol monthly at a reduced price of 7,000 rials (about 24 US cents) a litre, media reported. The reports said a litre of standard petrol will retail at 10,000 rials (around 34 US cents) and super will cost 12,000 rials.

New Polish president may spell eurosceptics' return to power

Andrzej Duda (R), presidential candidate of the right-wing opposition party Law and Justice (PiS), celebrates after exit poll results are announced in Warsaw, on May 24, 2015Polish voters have opted for change and chosen the conservative and relatively unknown lawyer Andrzej Duda as their next president, spelling a possible return to power of his eurosceptic mentor in autumn parliamentary elections. The opposition challenger clinched surprise victory in a Sunday run-off against incumbent centrist Bronislaw Komorowski, who is allied with the governing Civic Platform (PO) party and until recently was expected to secure a second term. An MEP with a populist streak who promised change and generous social spending, Duda scored 51.55 percent support ahead of Komorowski's 48.45 percent, according to final results from the election commission Monday.

Top Asian News at 5:00 p.m. GMT
WANG KELIAN, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysian authorities said Monday a cluster of abandoned jungle camps used by human traffickers contained 139 suspected graves as well as barbed-wire pens likely used to cage migrants, shedding more light on a regional trade that preyed on some of Southeast Asia's most desperate people. National police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said forensics experts were exhuming the suspected graves found at 28 vacated camps in the hilly jungle area on the border with Thailand where trafficking syndicates were known to operate.
Alleged UAE killer of American 'aware of her actions'

A CCTV image released by Abu Dhabi police on December 3, 2014 shows a fully veiled woman (R) walking in a shopping mall in the Emirati capital. The woman is a suspect in the killing of an American teacher stabbed in the Boutik Mall's toiletAlaa Bader al-Hashemi is on trial at the Federal Supreme Court on charges of stabbing to death mother-of-three Ibolya Ryan, 47, in a shopping mall washroom in the UAE capital. The court had ordered psychiatric tests after Hashemi asked for psychological help, claiming to be "possessed by evil spirits" and seeing "ghost-like people". The authorities say Hashemi embraced "jihadist ideology and then engaged in terrorist acts in support of the terrorist organisations" Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group.

Bombs kill 11 in Afghanistan as Taliban, IS supporters clash
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) — A suicide truck bomb attack and a separate roadside bombing in southern Afghanistan killed 11 people and wounded dozens more on Monday, as the Taliban clashed with supporters of the Islamic State group in the west, officials said.
Elections in Suriname to decide gov't for next 5 years

FILE - In this Sept. 2, 2010 file photo, Suriname's President Desi Bouterse speaks with journalists at the presidential cabinet office in Paramaribo, Suriname. Bouterse is betting that the Monday, May 25, 2015 election to choose the South American country’s next Parliament will keep him and his party in power for another five years. (AP Photo/Edward Troon, File)PARAMARIBO, Suriname (AP) — Suriname's President Desi Bouterse is betting that elections to choose the South American country's next Parliament will keep him and his party in power for another five years.

Norwich down Middlesbrough to win promotion jackpot

Norwich City striker Cameron Jerome (R) sprays champagne on his teammates as Russell Martin (C) holds up the trophy after Norwich City won the English Championship play-off final football match on May 25, 2015Norwich City won the promotion jackpot as they swept back into the Premier League with a 2-0 victory over Middlesbrough in the Championship play-off final on Monday. Alex Neil's side raced into a two-goal lead inside the first 15 minutes at Wembley thanks to goals from Cameron Jerome and Nathan Redmond and that early blitz was enough to secure an immediate and lucrative return to the Premier League just 12 months after the pain of relegation. Promotion is worth an estimated £120 million ($185 million), but, while the cash is important to Norwich's prosperity, it was the thought of taking their place alongside the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United that fuelled the jubilant celebrations at the final whistle.

Angolan prosecutors seek one-month jail for activist

Angolan journalist and right activist Rafael Marques talks with journalist at the end of one of his trial hearing at the Provincial court of Luanda on May 25, 2015Angolan prosecutors on Monday sought a suspended one-month jail sentence for anti-corruption activist Rafael Marques despite a deal to drop defamation charges against him, his lawyer said. Prosecutors made the request during final arguments in the trial of Marques, who was accused of defaming several generals in a 2011 book about violence and rights violations linked to Angola's lucrative diamond mining industry. The request for a suspended sentence came as a surprise to lawyers after the generals last week agreed to drop the charges on condition that Marques would not re-release his book that accuses them of corruption and torture.

Canada says Iraqi forces must become much more effective
By David Ljunggren OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada, one of the nations helping Iraq to fight the Islamic State movement, said on Monday that recent gains by the militants showed the Iraqi army must "massively improve its effectiveness". Defence Minister Jason Kenney also said Canada has no plans to expand its existing training operations in northern Iraq, where around 70 Canadian special forces troops are working with Kurdish peshmerga fighters. Islamic State forces easily took the strategic city of Ramadi earlier this month, prompting U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to say the Iraqi army had shown no will to fight.
Tunisian soldier kills 7 in barracks rampage

Tunisian soldiers sit on a truck as they monitor the area of the Bouchoucha army barracks in Tunis on May 25, 2015A Tunisian soldier the authorities say had psychological problems seized a gun at a barracks on Monday and killed seven comrades before being shot dead himself. The interior ministry said the rampage was not linked to "terrorism", but a defence ministry spokesman did not rule this out before an investigation reports on the incident. Defence ministry spokesman Belhassen Oueslati said the corporal, whose name was not given, "had family and psychological problems".

US fighter jets scrambled for French flight to NY

An Air France jetliner heading from Paris to New York was escorted by US fighter planes for the last stretch of the trip Monday because of a threat against the flight, the airline saidAn Air France jetliner heading from Paris to New York was escorted by US fighter planes for the last stretch of the trip Monday because of a bomb threat against the flight, the airline and a US official said. Flight AF022 landed at JFK airport without incident and was later taken to a special area of the airport for a security search, an Air France official in Paris said. The threat was made by telephone from the United States, the Air France official said.

Netanyahu taps diplomat Gold for key foreign role

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday named Dore Gold (seen here), a seasoned diplomat seen as reluctant to make concessions to the Palestinians, as his director general of foreign affairsIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday named Dore Gold, a seasoned diplomat seen as reluctant to make concessions to the Palestinians, as his director general of foreign affairs. Gold was an adviser to Netanyahu after he first took office in 1996. Israel's ambassador to the UN from 1997-1999, he also advised former premier Ariel Sharon.

Explosion in Syrian president's stronghold kills 3
BEIRUT (AP) — Activists are reporting a huge explosion in an apartment building in the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, a stronghold of President Bashar Assad, that left a billowing cloud of orange smoke and killed at least three people, including two children.

BBC Sports News

Derby sack head coach McClaren

Middlesbrough 0-2 Norwich City
Norwich secure an instant return to the Premier League with victory over Middlesbrough in the Championship play-off final.
Watson through but Bedene beaten
British number one Heather Watson reaches round two in the French Open but men's number two Aljaz Bedene goes out.
Ill Pavey wins British 10km road title
European champion Jo Pavey overcomes illness to win the Bupa London 10,000 while Andy Vernon triumphs in the men's race.
England seal thrilling win over NZ
England produce a magnificent final-day bowling display to win the first Test against New Zealand by 124 runs.
ECB closing on new England coach

'Hamilton will recover quickly'
Mercedes boss Toto Wolff feels Lewis Hamilton can return to winning ways after his nightmare in Monaco.
Champion Sharapova through in Paris
Maria Sharapova makes a successful start to her defence of the French Open title while Tomas Berdych also wins in Paris.
England raging favourites - Cheika
Australia's Michael Cheika says England are hot favourites to win their World Cup pool game, despite missing two "great players".
Mourinho expects tough title defence
Jose Mourinho says Chelsea must improve next season if they are to defend their Premier League title.
Sheffield United sack manager Clough
Nigel Clough is sacked as the manager of Sheffield United after the League One side missed out on promotion
United deny Ciftci 'bite' claim
Dundee United say they are "fully supportive" of Nadir Ciftci and reject allegations he bit Dundee's Jim McAlister.
Australia great Smith joins Wasps
Wasps sign 111-cap Australia flanker George Smith, who turns 35 in July, from French club Lyon for next season.
I'll go if owners want - Rodgers
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers accepts his future is in doubt after his side's 6-1 thrashing at Stoke City.
'Fifa tarnished if Blatter re-elected'
Fifa will lack credibility if Sepp Blatter is re-elected as president, according to Uefa chief Michel Platini.
Porte withdraws from Giro d'Italia
Team Sky's Richie Porte withdraws from the Giro d'Italia to focus on being fit for July's Tour de France.
Daley secures bronze at World Series
Britain's Tom Daley wins a bronze medal in the 10m platform at the Diving World Series in Canada.
VIDEO: Watch Chelsea's victory parade
Chelsea celebrate their Premier League title at a packed victory parade in West London.
VIDEO: Rodgers under huge pressure - Shearer
Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer believes Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is under "huge pressure" after the Reds lost 6-1 at Stoke on the final day of the season.
VIDEO: Strategic error costs Hamilton win
Watch highlights of the Monaco Grand Prix as a strategic error hands Nico Rosberg victory over Lewis Hamilton.

BBC Americas News

Fatal floods hit southern US states
Three people have died and several others are missing after severe flooding in the southern US states of Texas and Oklahoma.
Bomb threat foiled near US Capitol
Police in Washington DC destroy a pressure cooker found inside a "suspicious" vehicle parked near the US Capitol.
US jets escort NYC-bound flight
A pair of US fighter jets escorts an Air France airliner bound for New York City after the flight was the subject of an anonymous threat.
'Dancing Man' parties in Los Angeles
A British man who attracted global support after "fat-shaming" images of him were posted online attends a party in his honour in Los Angeles.
'Beautiful Mind' mathematician killed
Renowned mathematician John Nash, subject of the film A Beautiful Mind, dies in a New Jersey taxi crash with his wife.
US Senate blocks surveillance bill
The US Senate blocks a bill that would have extended bulk collection of phone records by the National Security Agency.
Unrest follows US police acquittal
US police say they have made multiple arrests in protests in Cleveland after an officer was cleared over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black couple.
'Success kid' raises cash for dad
Sam Griner, whose image spawned the 'success kid' meme, is using his fame to raise cash to pay for medical treatment for his father.
Tribeca festival begins in New York
New York's Tribeca Film Festival kicked off on Wednesday with the world premiere of Saturday Night Live documentary, Live from New York!.
California farmers agree water deal
California regulators accept an offer from farmers to reduce water usage by 25% in an effort to avoid deeper cuts in the state's battle with drought.
VIDEO: US floods 'largest in region's history'
A deluge of rainfall has burst rivers and brought flood warnings to several southern US states, with Texas and Oklahoma the worst hit so far.
VIDEO: US policeman cleared over deaths
A US police officer who climbed onto the hood of a car and fired repeatedly at its unarmed occupants has been acquitted of manslaughter charges.
VIDEO: World's oldest woman turns 116
An American woman, said to be the oldest person in the world, is celebrating her 116th birthday on Saturday.
VIDEO: The view from One World Trade Center
The observatory of New York's One World Trade Center, which was built on the site of the twin towers destroyed in the 9/11 attacks, opens for visitors this month.
VIDEO: Letterman's final Late Show goodbye
David Letterman has presented his last edition of his late night talk show.
VIDEO: California oil spill spans nine miles
Two oil slicks, stretching nine miles, have formed off the coast of southern California in the US, after an onshore pipeline ruptured.
VIDEO: Closing the tech gender gap
In Silicon Valley men traditionally dominate, but all-women projects to help support and mentor entrepreneurs are having an impact.
VIDEO: Biker shoot-out: 'I hid in freezer'
Texas police say 170 people are to face organised crime charges after a bike-gang shooting that left nine people dead and 18 others injured.
VIDEO: California drought: Farms v homes
California is in the midst of a long drought and it does not have enough water.
Ben Carson wins Oklahoma straw poll
Republican activists give non-politician Ben Carson a boost after listening to Republican presidential hopefuls for three days.

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